General Walking Deck System

The General Walking Deck System protects and beautifies deck surfaces, including balconies, patios, roof decks, plazas, elevated sidewalks and pool surrounds. In fact, any surface that functions as both a floor and roof will benefit from the strength and protection of a General Walking Deck system. 


General Walking Deck systems are fluid applied to deck surfaces and adhere directly to exterior plywood or concrete decks, providing a seamless, waterproof membrane formulated to hold up under every climate. Extreme weather, traffic, or heavy wear–No problem! General Walking Deck Systems retain their beauty and effectiveness year after year.

Walking Deck Colors


Seamless Waterproofing

General Walking Deck systems are seamless, two-component urethane membranes that also can incorporate organics granules for added slip and wear resistance. The synthetic rubber-like finish of a GW13 deck system won’t shrink, crack, chip, peel, lift or buckle from normal expansion and contraction caused by temperature shifts or freeze/thaw cycles. Because they bond so thoroughly, General Walking Deck coatings can be applied over structural or topping concrete, plywood, or metal. The finished installation is completely seamless, with no gaps, overlaps, or ridges to separate and threaten the integrity of your General Walking Deck protection.


Easy To Care For

General Walking Deck systems hold up well to attack by air and waterborne pollutants a simple cleaning with ordinary soap and water is usually all that’s needed to restore the surface to a like new finish. General Walking Deck coatings make it so easy- they’re even formulated to be dirt resistant. A reseal is recommended every 7-10 years.


Slip-Resistant Safety

General Walking Deck systems are characterized by two key ingredients; tough elastomeric coatings, and organic texture granules that won’t scuff out. 

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