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Our floor systems range from a 2,3, or 4 coat systems depending on your choice of finishes and details of your project. We offer a variety of systems to fit not only your color and style but also your budget.


PM400 System

PM400 breathable chemical resistant epoxy coating not only withstands moisture vapor emission up to 10 pounds over concrete but also is resistant to spillage of methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), acetone, and a variety of diluted acids. PM400 coating meets national VOC requirements and is virtually odorless during installation. Easy to apply with a roller, PolyMax PM400 does not require extensive surface preparation on unsealed clean concrete surfaces due to its exceptional adhesion characteristics.

5000AC System

A Floor Coating System that is designed to withstand heavy wheeled traffic, abrasion, impact, aviation, and automotive fluids. The 500AC three-coat system offers an oil and moisture-tolerant primer with exceptional adhesion to concrete, a high-build pigmented intermediate coat to aid in impact resistance, and a chemical-resistant urethane finish for excellent abrasion resistance, light reflectivity, and resistance to ultraviolet degradation from direct sunlight. Impervious to Skydrol and brake fluid, The 5000AC Floor Coating creates an attractive and durable floor for hangars and automotive facilities. 


DCS System

The Decorative Chip System (DCS) epoxy floor system is now available with special blends of vinyl chips that create the effect of granite and can be used as an alternative system to granite.

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