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Thermal & Moisture Control Products For The Construction Industry

Decorative overlays are a great solution for those areas that are cracked, spalling, different textures or anywhere where you would like to just hide that old ugly grey concrete.

We offer two systems to overlay your existing concrete. Our Dura Rock decorative overlay system is ideal for those outdoor locations that are uneven and unsightly. Our cementitous overlay system can be utilized to re-texture your concrete patio, driveway or walkway.

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Waterproofing Systems

Waterproofing systems for Between Slab, Parking Structures, Liners, Green Roofs.



Spray-On Acoustical Insulation

Spray applied acoustical products for Gymnasiums, Theaters and Offices


Urethane Foam Insulation

Urethane foam insulation provides an aged R-Value of over 6.5, higher than any other insulation product on the market today.