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Drainage & Slope for Waterproof Deck Systems

Any waterproof deck system or solid walking deck should have the ability to drain water to specific place. Often that is either a drain, scupper or simply the edge of the deck.

With new construction this should be built into the framing of the deck while it is being constructed. (See details for proper flashing and other info by clicking HERE.).

If your project didn't we offer solutions for sloping any deck, be it rounded, square or rectangle, for in all construction and remodel projects.


Deck With Slope Picture

Industry standard is considered 1/4" of slope for every 1' of length.

In some situations it may be easier to simply remove the existing sub-floor and utilize tapered sleepers on top of the floor joists. Other methods include acrylic modified cement to create the proper drainage, a utilizing a styrofoam and plywood "sandwich" overlay.

Not all drains are created equal.

Be sure that your drain is a flush mount drain.

Ideally they should be constructed of metal not PVC or other plastics.













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